First… the “have to shares”…

I am a wife, a mama and a veterinarian. A 2012 graduate from Washington State University.

My practice career started in Rural Mixed-Animal Practice. I then owned a clinic, sold a clinic, dabbled in Relief Work and now I am an Associate Small Animal General Practitioner.

Now…the “want to shares”… 

I was born and raised in Idaho. Travel is a passion and I have seen quite a few parts of the world–but nowhere else will be home. 

I thank God every day for my partner to do life with. Kirk and I met before my Veterinary School years and married just after I graduated. We have a full-on three-ring circus with three little girls that keep us hopping. 

As a family, we fully enjoy the outdoors–from camping to hiking to 4-wheeling to fishing and hunting–our lives are best when we’re outside…with a s’more.

I am excited to share my story. I cannot wait to hear your story. Each of us in Veterinary Medicine has a tale to tell. I firmly believe that owning and sharing our tales–of triumph AND defeat–will help bring us all closer together. My goal is to develop a community and culture in our beloved profession where suicides don’t exist.

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