You finally are in the middle of pursuing your dream. You worked so hard to get into school and studying like crazy. Everyone talks about how difficult it is to get into veterinary school, but what happens when you realize that the hardest part is not getting in. The hardest part is actually staying in.

Every day, minute and second is devoted to studying. Learning the muscles, veins, diseases, medications, etc. You quickly can feel like you are drowning. Dealing with all the pressure to not just memorize the material, but actually learn it and be able to use it properly. How do people deal with the stress?

The key to surviving the veterinary industry is figuring a way to combat the stress and the early you figure it out the better. While Vet school is extremely stressful, the stress does not stop there. After you have compounding stress from everything else. 

So what are some ways to help deal with the stress of not only veterinary school but after you graduate?

Get up and get going

You sit all day. You sit in lecture, you sit in the library and you even sit to eat. All this sitting makes you tired and lazy. How do you combat this? The best thing you can do is get some exercise. Whether it be running, walking or even yoga, trying to get out and get moving is the best thing you can do to get your mind off of everything. The semester I was able to get out what my best academic semester in Vet school. 

Go on vacation and take a break

You need to get away. Taking a break from work and all your other responsibilities will help your refresh your thoughts. Even if you end up doing nothing but staying home this break is completely worth it.

As a student you obviously can’t take a break in the middle of the semester, but taking full advantage of your breaks is very important.

Understand you can’t save everyone

Not every pet can be saved. You may read cases in school, walk into clinics thinking you will save the world. Unfortunately, not every animal that walks through those doors will be saved. You do your best, you try your hardest but you will end up crying on your clients shoulders with them at some point. This is ok. 

Stay out of the drama

With all the type A people you go to school with and the close quarters there is bound to be drama. Stay out of it. You are there for other reasons, to get your degree. Separate yourself from it and get rid of the people in your lives that cause it. School and post-school life will be much more enjoyable.

Get “You” Time

Creating time for yourself sometimes feel like this is unheard of. This is time to do something that you enjoy, that will help you relax. How do you squeeze this into your already packed day? Create a schedule, get a planner and focus. You will soon realize this you time is one of the most important ways to alleviate stress.

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