It’s the same conversation over and over again. The clients against vaccinations, the grain-free saga, Dr. Google, the natural products. We are all exhausted, we are all over it. Many of us walk into the exam room and just roll our eyes and will even bypass the conversation. 

It is exhausting to have to defend everything we say

Sometimes we can ignore the conversations, sometimes we can pass it off and walk out, but when the FDA comes out with a warning you know clients are going to push even harder. 

This FDA warning really set us up for conversation. It was a conversation we should have been having previously with clients, but a conversation people just didn’t want to hear. Truthfully it was also a conversation that many of us avoided due to how much backlash we received. 

Now with us being so exhausted, how do we proceed anymore? 


Techs talking?

Repeating the same speech we have over and over again?

There really is no one way. With the warning out we actually have studies starting to prove something us as professionals known for a long time. Grain-free was marketing, not health-related. Expressing this to our clients now may be a little easier.

Imagine this

Being a pet owner, not having the medical knowledge, not understanding much about animal nutrition walking into a pet store to pick up dog food. You are confronted by a salesperson in the store who you feel has the knowledge to discuss picking out food for your pet. This may be naive, we may think, “How can you listen to someone who works in a pet store over a doctor.” What we need to realize is that people are actually just trying to do what is right for their pet. 

This we sometimes forget when we step into the room.

So what do we do?

Our job is to inform all clients, to show them the facts, to let them know the truth. That’s it. We cannot handhold, we cannot force, we inform, we educate and let them make a fully educated decision. Them making the decision is their job as the owner. The biggest thing as veterinarians we have to remember is, we cannot care for their animals more than them. 

A lot of times we come across clients that want what is best, but don’t know the truth. As veterinarians that may have shut down in certain rooms, we are actually missing the clients that don’t truly know. We are actually missing the clients that would listen. 

Not every client is against you, in fact, all clients are for the health of their pet. Figuring out how to break that barrier is tough, but giving up is failure.

Want to learn how we are discussing this with our clients? Take a listen and lets combat this frustrating situation one client at a time. 


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