Welcome to the DVM Divas Podcast Episode #18!

‘Tis the season for… Veterinary Conferences!! CE is unavoidable–conferences make it a smidge more “bearable.” You get out of the office, often you get out of paying for a meal or two, sometimes you even get out of the state or country…but does that mean you get out of professional dress as well?

Listen along as this week the DVM Divas discuss CE conference dress code–should we have one “officially”? Do we need them? What are “acceptable” clothing options? 

Also, Maria has the best travel hack for fellow germophobes, Melissa has a bad “fake” grandma fail, and Ann shares her best Mom win to beat cabin fever.

Interested in what Ann thinks is the BEST THING EVER for kids? Click the link—>*Cabin Fever Cure*<—

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