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Dealing with our anxiety

Anxiety can take over your life and keep you from enjoying it. It makes me feel like I am falling and trying to grab the pieces but they just keep passing you by.

How do you deal with it? How do you stop your heart from jumping out of your chest?

These questions can be extremely difficult to answer, especially going through it that moment. Anxiety is our body’s response to stress. Which is why so many of us suffer from it, our jobs are so stressful.

I recently had my share of anxiety, but not knowing exactly what it stemmed from. Was it the clients, the schedule, the cases, the managing? Who really knows, because it was most likely from everything.

Because of my anxiety, I realized I wasn’t taking care of myself. I wasn’t sleeping, barely eating and if I was eating it was only garbage. Not knowing how to calm down when it was a cycle that seemed chain locked.

So what did I do?

After making a pledge to my Divas I sat and thought about it. How can I actually do this? What steps do I have to take?

**Anxiety should be taken seriously and if you are having anxiety it is recommended to see a professional**This post is to not be taken as medical advice**

So how do I overcome my anxiety? These four steps have helped me so many times.

My Thought Process

The first step was to reflect on the situations that have occurred prior to the start. Realizing that I cannot fix everything, only worry about the things I can change and then change it. Whether it is the thought process from negative to positive or my actions that I had control over.

The rest, if I have no control over it then I have to find a way to let it all fall into place.

The biggest part of this was to be positive. Find the good. There is always something good in your life and even the situation.


I used to do Yoga all the time but during my Yoga time, I meditated. This was when my anxiety was the lowest. Find time to sit alone, quiet, and just breathe. Clear your mind. It can be very refreshing to let it all go even if for a few minutes.

Write it down

This was the most therapeutic. To that client who wanted to bash me, I wrote him a letter. I didn’t send it to him, but I did send it to a friend. While the letter was harsh it was good to send a letter of what I wanted to say to someone. We both discarded it once we were done and it was like throwing my anxiety away.

Get Away

No, not a vacation, although that would be great. Just get up and walk. First, it is exercise and will make you feel better regardless but second, it gets you away from the stimulants and gives you the time to breathe and reflect.

Remember we are all in this together and having people to fall back on is amazing. Take advantage of our community, we are all here to help.

So, how did you overcome your anxiety? Let us know in the comments!


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