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A work/LIFE balance. 

We all want it, and we all strive for it.  But what if the “life” part needs to be more than just our families?  What if we need to enjoy people outside of our coworkers?

I’m talking about enjoying life outside of work, outside of your house.  Somewhere with people that won’t discuss cases or relive expressing anal glands.  I’m wanting you to find your tribe.  A group of ladies and/or men that share similar interests as you, but outside of veterinary medicine and your homelife.

We have to find a way to get and stay healthy ourselves before we can be the happy person for everyone else.  We need to “fill our own well” or “put on our oxygen mask first”.  Once we do that, we’ll be able to enjoy life with those closest to us.  Finding your tribe is the key.

My example: 

I’m part of my county’s local Women in Business group.  Every woman plays at least a small part in a business of our county.  Our goal is to improve our county for all local residents and keep people residing here instead of moving away.  We showcase events, activities, and businesses for residents and visitors to take part in. However, the best part of this group, is that it led me to meeting my tribe of ladies that keep me sane.

We first banded together to form a bookclub.  Let’s face it, we rarely read books. Every once in a while we’ll discuss books and which one we should all read.  However, you will more likely find us hanging out at a local winery, blowing off an hour or two at someone’s house, or bringing our kids to invade one of the ladies’ swimming pools.  There will always be food involved, and better yet, a little drink.

Not a single lady in this group is involved in veterinary medicine.  Some are mothers, and others have no children at all. There’s a coffeehouse owner, insurance agent, restaurant owner, home business developer, cheerleading coach, and office assistant.  We discuss mom duties, husbands, our businesses, life goals, local problems to solve, interests, and vacation opportunities.  

These ladies are my tribe. 

When I had to work a Saturday, with the husband and grandparents gone, they were there to watch my girls.  They made sure my family stayed fed the week after my mother passed away. We check in on each other if we haven’t seen someone in a while at our get-togethers. We have a standing day, or more, every month that we hang out, have lunch, or have dinner together.  We are more than friends, we are family.

Every one of us needs a group of people like this, to help keep us sane in our busy lives.  We all need people to turn to when we’ve had a bad day at work, the kids are out of control, and our significant other is driving us crazy.  

So, go out and get involved in your community.  Join a club or an organization.  Participate in an activity. Take the opportunity to meet new people, and you might just find your tribe that will help balance your life.  You may just find the people that complete you and make you whole.

Here’s to my tribe!

Just part of my tribe that could get together for a Zoom meet-up!  COVID-19 has put a damper on our winery get-togethers.

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