The Vet techs are the heart of the practice. Without them, we wouldn’t be able to properly do our job. So thank you to all of the Veterinary Technicians, for without you so many pets couldn’t be saved

Here comes the Vet tech

Getting ready for the day

You get here bright and early

Hoping there will be kittens to play

Greeting all the clients

Smiling from ear to ear

This may not be how you feel

But you will never show that my dear

The kisses to the pets

Are what you crave all-day

But typically you wrestle

And know exactly what to say

You take the history exactly

How it should be done

You discuss all the care

For their loved one

You save me when I can’t

Get the blood from the wiggly dog

Forget the nasty cat

You will wrestle it like a hog

You clean up my mess

From anal glands to blood

You never resent

The mess I left for love

You keep the pets safe

And alive while they sleep

You make sure they don’t crash

So my license I can keep

When I get tired of fighting

The grain-free battle all-day

You walk in with the report

From the FDA

After a long 12 hour shift

You never complain

That I decided to take x-rays

On the dog that’s lame

When an animal needs surgery

You already jumped on board

The suite is all set up

So I can just walk in the door.

You run all my appointments

And make sure my notes are done

You keep me on track

So I don’t have to run

When the clients start to yell

Cause they don’t want to pay

You always take the heat

So I can walk away.

When it’s time to say goodbye

You help the family with ease

Hugging them and crying

Having them leave in peace

You leave this job smelling like poop

Anal glands and blood

Your hair is all a mess

Your feet are sore as crud.

You make my job so easy

You are my savior all day long

You make the hospital run smoothly

And without you, I’d be lost

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