“Books are judged by their covers and the same is true for you.”

You can find this in Peggy Klaus’s book The Hard Truths about Soft Skills

Every single person is judged immediately by their own appearance and to say otherwise is a lie. 

From your clothing to your hair, to your handshake to your confidence people judge you. Whether your hair is in 8 different directions, you didn’t have a chance to put your mascara on, you have bleached scrubs on, etc. Your clients will make the decision to love or hate you within the first 30 seconds. 

Not only is our appearance a representation of ourselves but also the clinic at which we work at. So what happens when the clinic we give our heart and soul to doesn’t line up with us and how we show our individuality?

There is a fine line with employers wanting the employees to express themselves and letting them show their true identity. People want their business to have depth, to not be black and white. The problem arises when the policy in place does not allow for it.

So what happens when an employee wants to bend the policy to be able to express themselves?

Employees must understand, employers cannot bend any rule for one without bending it for everyone. So if your employer is not willing to change the policy, you may want to find a practice that have policies in place that you agree with. 

Yes… Easier said than done. I mean really, who wants to change jobs? Who wants to deal with non-competes or getting to know the clients again?

No one!

So should you really go ahead and dye your hair? Or wear that outfit to work?

When choosing to show your individuality some people may not take well to this and proving yourself to them may be an uphill battle. 

Bringing us back to Peggy Klaus’s book, you will be judged by your own appearance. So if you decide to dye your hair or wear a certain outfit the client walking in the room may immediately decide to not trust you. 

This is truthfully wrong, but the reality of life. Life is too short to hate it, it is too short to hide behind the mask. 

We all need to express ourselves. Whether it be humor, hair color, tattoos, piercings, clothing, etc. We should be allowed to, to a certain extent at work. At work that professionalism level needs to be controlled. 

Remember there is enough burnout in this field to just be in a practice that you are truly not happy at. Is the policy actually worth the fight or is it just better to start over and have someone accept you the way you are?

We all love to show our individuality. So how do you show it? Let us know on social media or in the comments!

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