Being a veterinarian is a dream for many kids. They long for working with puppies and kittens all day but the reality typically hits them the first year of Vet school. 

We all feel we need more preparation, but it isn’t about what undergraduate course will be ready to prepare for Vet school it is everything else. After discussing with current Vet students here are the top 5 things they wish they knew prior to taking the leap into Vet school.

How to study smarter, not harder

During undergrad, we all studied but many studied to get by and not studied to remember. In Vet school, you have so many science and medical classes that is can be difficult to retain. Understanding how to study properly to be able to retain all the information can be difficult but there are many different ways to help you through this transition. 

What you can do to help you study!

  • Don’t skip classes
  • Read your notes frequently
  • Record lectures
  • Read ahead
  • Stay organized
  • Study in a group
  • Always trust your instincts
  • Meet with your professors

Have knowledge about money and loan repayment

We have young, bright-eyed people say all the time they want to go to Vet school, while this is great many don’t understand the financial issues that come along with this. Knowing about money and loan repayment is important. The student debt for Veterinarians is out of control and continue to rise. Understanding what your options are should be done prior to starting school. Unfortunately, many schools do not have the proper resources and getting a financial advisor before making a decision is important.

Understanding Work/Life Balance is crucial

In this industry, we tend to run around trying to make everything perfect. We start early, end late and are constantly worrying about cases. This starts in vet school. The breaks are important, the time with our friends and family are warranted. Take time for yourself, and know your limitations. Your family and your life should always be your priority.

Before choosing an accelerated program, make sure it is for you.

Learning how to deal with Imposter syndrome not overcome it

The dreaded imposter syndrome in the Veterinary field. Thinking we are not as good as we actually are. Most vets feel it, many will admit it and some will take steps to deal with it. 

So how do we deal with Imposter syndrome? 

  • Stop comparing yourself to others
  • Realize you actually have a roll in your success
  • Talk about it
  • You can be wrong and it is ok!
  • Don’t hold back and expose yourself fully

Understanding the business side of Veterinary medicine

You don’t learn the business side of veterinary medicine in Vet school, what you do learn is the medicine and everything that encompasses it. What happens when you want to be a business owner during your career and you know nothing about the business?

Prior to going to Vet school, it is important to take some business classes, engulf yourself at a Vet hospital and learn the business side, not just the medicine side. It is important to understand it, to succeed as an owner. 

Going to Vet school is tough. You are pushed to your limits, work your butt off and study like you never knew you could. While there are so many things that can make your time there easier, these can help you before making the decision, during the 4 years and understanding your life after.

Are you a Veterinarian or a Veterinary student? Comment and let us know what you wish you knew before Vet school.

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